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Take charge of your life now!

Empower yourselves with evidence-based digital tools to proactively manage and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Eliminate the guesswork, understand the real you.

In God we trust; all others must have data.


Well if you are an atheist, there is no better reason but to need data as proof.

It's time we adopt the technology to understand what our bodies speak and be proactive rather than depending on questionnaires that inherently are biased or wait till we hit the burnout button.


What is Repose?

Repose is a physiology-based lifestyle assessment platform that is the first of its kind in Asia.


We rely on your ECG data to quantify the three critical pillars of wellness i.e. emotional stress, recovery, and physical activity. 

The Repose platform uses a chest-based wearable to collect ECG data at a resolution of fewer than 2 milliseconds to understand your physiological responses to the situations around you. This gives us an insight into your lifestyle and its effect on long-term wellbeing.

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That which cannot be measured,
cannot be improved

With Repose, quantify the critical pillars of wellness.

Stress, Recovery, Sleep and Physical Activity

Repose Features

How Do We Make Your Life Easier? 

We listen to your body's physiological responses

We identify the lifestyle issues in your routine

Understand their effect on longterm wellbeing

Provide you personalised suggestions

Trusted by the people from


Hear It from Our Customers

Aditya Kamboj, Senior Vice President, HSBC

I got to know about Repose from a close friend who highly recommended them. After trying their services, I would concur with her. They are extremely professional with a great product without doubt. The lifestyle assessment gave insights about my body I didn't even knew existed. It helped me bring some positive lifestyle changes and made me aware of where I was doing great and where I need a change.
Do give them an opportunity and find out for yourself. Five stars from me. A shout out to Shivani and the life coach, Aishwarya who were available throughout to help wherever required and converted an excellent service into an outstanding one.

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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