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4 Tips to Lock Away Your ‘LOCKDOWN FATIGUE’

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

How would you define your initial days of 2020 lockdown?

A respite from the never-ending jobs. No more traffics to drive you crazy. Reigniting bonds with family. And for some, it was Dalgona coffees, #safehandschallenge, and Ludo King.

Soon, we slid into the world of virtual reality. And our lives became restricted within the walls of our homes. Our daily chores started feeling laborious, Zoom fatigue set in, trends and hashtags no more captured our attention. And all these were topped with the guilt of being unproductive. In other words, we were ‘lockdown fatigued’.

The feeling of tiredness, lack of interest in life, emotional turmoil about the future resulting in lethargy is lockdown fatigue. It is not a disease, but the ripple of underlying mental health, and in some cases physical health too.

Man is a social being, and being cooped up in a place for a long time drains psychologically leaving one fatigued. Lockdown fatigue shows emotional and mental symptoms initially; if not leashed and taken care of, it starts to take a toll on the person's physical health too.

Being fatigued during these challenging times is common and not a reason to be anxious about. Though exhaustion and lethargy are the basic symptoms of lockdown fatigue, the manifestation in each individual might vary based on your lifestyle before the lockdown. But its awareness lets you be on guard, and hence change the challenge into your chance to be a better self.

Here are few signs to recognize that you are moving towards fatigue.

1.Unusual cramming of thoughts- especially those pertaining to the future of life and career. This is unfavorable to your productivity and decreases your efficiency.

2.Riding an emotional rollercoaster? Take time off for yourself. Emotions tend to roll more only when they are fatigued and exhausted.

3.Hobbies and passion turning burdensome is another sign that you are lockdown-fatigued. Favorite workouts skipped, the guitar untouched for a long time, latest releases and arrivals no more interests you- it’s time to check your fatigue.

The brighter side of lockdown is that it could turn out to be the most productive phase of your life if you overcome the lockdown fatigue. Four tips to lock away your lockdown fatigue are:

  1. Uncompromised Good Sleep. The best cure to any malady is rest and sleep, and lockdown fatigue is no exception. Sleep brings down your cortisol levels, relaxes your body, and lets you start afresh every day. Pro tip: For better and long sleep at night, avoid short naps beyond the duration of 30 minutes during the day. Otherwise, this delays the onset of your sleep and disrupts your sleep cycle. For proven and effective tips for sleep, click on zzzzz

  2. To-Do List. Preparing and executing to-do lists improve your level of productivity and satisfaction. It also helps you in looking forward to another day with enthusiasm than lethargy. Pro tip: Keep your lists shorter and realistic in the beginning, lest you fail to complete them and feel guilty

  3. Exercise and Mindful Eating- the best self-care you can practice during the days of lockdown. Move away from your workspace/bed, exercise every once in a while. Indulging in exercises and workout sessions helps you keep depressing thoughts and lethargy at bay. Being confined to our homes tempts us to eat whatever we could lay hands on. But this is detrimental to health as well as suppresses the outcome of exercises. Hence, exercise coupled with mindful and healthy diets is important to stay fit during the lockdown. Pro tip: Keep a check on your step count and cut down on the stock of snacks at home

  4. Invest in a New Interest. Lockdown has granted time enough and to spare for exploring new interests. It could be learning a new skill or a language, discovering new passions, or even starting a new online venture. These give you something to look forward to and thus wipes off the sense of loss and laziness. Pro tip: If nothing comes to your mind to try, the least you can do is to meditate for 15 min a day. This helps you flush out your thoughts and be mindful.

Easier said than done. Inculcating habits aren’t easy and following these tips isn’t a piece of cake. It’s on us to stay determined and keep our lockdown fatigue under control. And do not hesitate to seek professional help if required.

Times are challenging, and the pandemic has cast shadows of anxiety and worry on all. But this too shall pass, and we’ll be back to the good old days of frolic and fun with no ‘feet apart’ between you and your loved ones. Until then, hang in there! WE SHALL OVERCOME SOMEDAY!

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