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What does Repose have in common with Instagram’s new feature?

Every feature has to serve a purpose with a responsibility to make the product user-friendly and help the users. Instagram has released one such feature of letting the users know how long has he/she been on the app.

But what does Repose have in common with this feature? Repose does not tell you the time that is being spent on the apps. Repose lets the users know their current stress levels, recovery levels, physical activity levels, and sleep quality levels.

So, what do they have in common? The purpose.

Instagram's new feature and all the critical features of repose are built for a purpose of providing the “Truth Point”. Yes, by saying that one has spent one hour on the app, Instagram is giving the information to make the right choice that aligns with your goals. So does Repose.

Repose provides the quintessential parameters of wellness as the true point. It’s powerful what data can do to one’s behavior.

For example, before the advent of wearables, most of us did not know how many steps we were walking daily, whether it is enough or not, whether the steps are distributed across the day or not. Today, 10000 steps is a common number known to almost everyone and any health-conscious person is striving to meet that number. A behavioral intervention study found that by using step counters in physical activity interventions, we have learned that they facilitate behavior change and can be helpful in motivating inactive individuals to increase their activity levels by about 2500 steps per day (the equivalent of walking 1 mile).

The fact that someone is on high-stress levels for a stretch of 4 to 5 hours without even a small break on a regular basis makes a person realize how he is on the verge of burnout. Here is a similar case of a software developer’s stress profile on a typical day. This is a true point that helped the user to make small lifestyle changes. Such is the power of data from Repose, nudging in the right direction for a better tomorrow.

The true points from the repose lifestyle assessment have been eye-openers in cases like

1. understanding the fact that actual stress undergone by the body is different from perceived stress 2. identifying that certain activities like mobile gaming are actually adding stress to the already loaded body and mind in contrast to their perception of relaxation. 3. understanding the carryover phases of stress from personal life to professional life and vice versa. 4. understanding the effect of lack of cooldown or recovery after a workout on the rest of the day. 5. understanding the duration and distribution of improper posture profiles 6. understanding the sleep quality is not good even after sleeping for 8 hours

and many more…

The Repose platform equips the users with unprecedented truth points in an actionable manner making the users leverage the power of data to make calculated decisions towards better wellbeing.

Ultimately it's the user’s choice to act upon.

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