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Why do you need a lifestyle assessment?

Lifestyle is one of the most trending terms used in today’s world. All those habits you have, those little pleasures you indulge in, those exercises you do, make up your lifestyle. In short, your lifestyle is the ensemble of all of your habits and the daily choices you make.

As author James Clear mentions in his book ‘Atomic habits’, people find it easier to pick up a bad habit than a good one.

After all, no instant harm is seemingly done to your body with that one burger or that one late-night show or just one shot of alcohol. And, before we realize it, it becomes part of our lifestyle.

The catch here is that the effect of your lifestyle on your body will not be visible instantly. It fails to show up in your routine checkup or blood test. You might get the alarm only when things cross the threshold, and when the chronic illness starts setting in.

For example, one of the main villains in our everyday life is stress. When stress goes undetected, it reduces you into a walking pressure cooker with no whistle to let the pressure out. This could get reflected in your behavior or as anger or depression. Thus, the slow pressure built up due to lifestyle could eventually lead you to a point of no return, causing severe physiological and mental harm.

Periodic lifestyle assessments could help you here. It works on the principle of ‘prevention’ of illness rather than a ‘cure’ to it. A lifestyle assessment works as your compass and helps you in course correction even when you start erring slightly. It gives you nudges to put you on a path of wellness.

Traditionally, lifestyle assessments have been done by standard questionnaires in which a user scores herself. But it gives only a qualitative analysis of the user’s lifestyle and might factor in perception biases of the user. Thus, the benefits of these methods are a tad bit limited.

We now have devices and algorithms in place to measure the body’s response to various activities you do daily. It makes you understand the effect of your lifestyle on your body and helps you to take control of your life. When a questionnaire-based lifestyle assessment helps you understand if you are having stress, a technology-based one will also get you the magnitude of stress you are having along with identifying the stressors that cause it. Repose is one such state-of-the-art technology-based lifestyle assessment platform and is the first of its kind in Asia.

Well, to round up, lifestyle assessment is your friend who helps you embark on your journey of long-term wellness. And that is how you let that pressure out, one whistle at a time!

So why wait, when you can take charge of your life now? Start your wellness journey with a lifestyle assessment.

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