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Wellness Beyond The Workplace

Stress cannot be eliminated from lives. It can only be optimally balanced with recovery.

With this in mind, we cannot consider the professional part of life alone while improving workplace wellness.  With the hybrid work culture in place, it became necessary to understand the effect of personal lives on professional lives and vice versa for improving employee wellbeing. Thus, taking wellness beyond the workplace.

Our Approach

The right care, at the right time.

Repose for workplace, takes into account the whole lifestyle of the employees to empower them with science-backed insights for proactively improving their wellbeing. This provides the organizations with unprecedented information to improve productivity while engaging the employees and maintaining good health.

Listen to the bodies
for stress

Asking everyone to meditate or breathe deep doesn't work if the cause of stress is something else. Eliminate the guesswork in the surveys and questionnaires. With Repose, listen to the employees' bodies to understand their stressful responses and identify the root causes. Address the root cause with personalized therapies and interventions.

Identify critical stressors
Stressed Woman

Motivate to move at work with the data

Man on His Phone

Humans are designed to move. While our style of working restricts that we need to find ways to move. Motivate your employees with the right data. 10000 steps a day is not necessary for everyone. Do the right thing in the right way. With Repose HR zones, guide the employees to be active in the right zone according to their goals.

Move the right way

Reiterate the work load based on recovery

We cannot eliminate stress from our lives. The only way is to balance it with recovery. Optimize the workload distribution by integrating recovery periods into the work routine. Plan effective recovery strategies off the bluescreens

Enhance daily recovery

Work as a team, not just with efficiency but with empathy

Understand the team members at a personal level while working together to deliver results in a healthy way. With Repose, know when someone in your team is overloaded from a physiological point of view and needs a break. With the help of this data, plan efficient resource management with empathy. Deliver as an organization and not as an individual.

Increase engagement
Reduce absenteeism
Improve productivity

All you need to do 

Organization's wellness at one place

not just the KPIs, but the life at workplace.

Organisation Level Reporting

Repose for workplace, provides a detailed reporting platform that allows you to easily promote company-wide health and wellness. With overall wellness metrics, see how it is distributed across the workforce, identify potential risks, and achieve a happier and more resilient workforce.

Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 12.07_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 12.03_edited.jpg

ROI through employee engagement

See the impact of wellness decisions and investment through the employee engagement statistics of setting and achieving wellbeing goals and using Repose lifestyle assessments. A concise summary of your company’s physical and mental well-being. Make sure you’re on the right path and see how you compare to other companies.

How to integrate Repose into your workplace? 


Onboard the new employess with a lifestyle assessment. Show that you care for their holistic wellbeing

Goal Setting

Set smart wellbeing goals with the life coach. Personalise the interventions that suit their daily routine. 

Track and Monitor

Track your employees' wellness journey with regular assessments. Motivate them to be on the right track with data.

Align with Vision

With organization level reports, align your workplace wellness goals with data-backed confidence

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

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